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SamWha DSP

We supply SamWha DSP Ltd (from Korea) Digital Motor Protection Relays, with multifunctions including serial or ethernet Communications Modules. Learn more here . . .

American Turbine Pump

American Turbine Pumps -  the range includes Booster pump, Can Pump, Submersible pump, Vertical Turbine Pump and Deep Well Turbines. Learn more here . . .

Grundfos Pump 

Stream Tech Engineering & Trading carries a wide range of pumps including that from Grundfos. We assist in the specification identification and choice of pump specs to fit your situation.

Learn more here . . .

Minilec Protection Relays

We supply and install Minilec Protection Relays for Pump & motors failure, water level controller/floatless relay, phase failure relay, under voltage relay, over voltage relay, alternating relay, 3-to-5 Booster pump controllers and many more such as:  P1LCW1, S2CMR1, SPGD2, MPRD2, P2LCW1, WLCD1, F3BPC1, F3BPC1, F5BPC5, WTRD1. Learn more here . . .

B.G.Reich Pumps 

  • B.G.Reich CHC Series Vertical Multistage In-Line Pump 

  • B.G.Reich Back pull-out End Suction Centrifugal Pump  

  • B.G.Reich Horizontal Split Case Pump Single Stage Double Suction

Learn more here . . .​

Taiko Roots Type Rotary Blower

Learn more here . . 

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