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              ELECTRICAL WORKS

Electrical Works

  • TNB approval and submission for new power supply application

  • Supply and install new motor control panel such as Star Delta, Auto transformer, Direct online, Auto resistance

  • Machine operation control panel for conveyor, mixer, chemical dosing system and production operations

  • Electro fit new operation control panel for chiller system,

  • AHU air handling system, boiler water level control and burner controller, thermal oil heaters and many others

  • Supply and install new MSB and distribution DB for lighting and power point’s

  • Install new capacitor bank system and electro fit to existing MSB

  • Repair and maintenance of various type of electrical control panels, including replacement of ACB, change-over contactor/switch, up-grade modifications to improve power factor (capacitor banks) for energy efficiency 

  • Design and build electrical power and control switch board

  • Motor & pump control panel, with various components for safety, 
    dry-run protection, over-current and more - more details on our Minilec product line

  • Production equipment control for conveyors, batch process equipment, liquid transfer process and others.

Electrical Control Panel & Cabling

Carry out industrial wiring works using various type of cable’s such as:

  • Ammand cable

  • PVC cable’s single and double insulation

  • Aluminium cablings,

  • control cabling

  • instrumentation cabling

We have also been involved in totally new cabling works for instrumentation and in power cabling for boilers, conveyer systems, injection  molding machinery, extrusion plants and various others. 

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