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About Stream Tech Engineering & Trading

Stream Tech Engineering & Trading was registered on 1st May, 2002 in Malaysia. It has a humble beginning serving customers in and around the Klang Valley, Malaysia. Its core business then was as an electrical engineering company serving in the area of repairing control panels & the design, construction and installation of new panels. These panels are for various processes and operations such as for booster pump system, chiller & cooling tower systems, sewerage pumping system, blower operations, waste water treatment plants, domestic and production circulation and various pumping control panels.

Stream Tech's founder and prime mover, Mr Aaron Raj, had previously worked in various manufacturing companies. His vast experience includes that of palm oil mills, a glove manufacturing factory, an electro-plating plant, an injection molding factory, in the automotive components painting arena as well as in the vacuum metallizing process.

These experiences and background includes interacting and working with with various levels of people, from Italian & French engineers to the Japanese teams. Good working relationships were established. Much was also gained from the numerous short-term and long-term training stints all over the world. Expertise were gathered in the area of electrical, mechanical, pneumatics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Servo-drive systems, Pumps, Hydraulics, Automation, etc.

Rising from his first position as an electrician in a palm Oil Mill and achiving managerial positions later in his career, Mr Aaron Raj gathered much skill-sets in working with teams from the maintenance department, engineering, plant upgrade project teams, and with clients who require various modifications / adaptations and re-enginnering as well a in new installations across various industries. He has also taken leadership roles in implementing ISO 14001 quality standards, worked as a safety and health officer, trained in concepts of Japanese improvement methodologies such as "Kaizen", and good work ethics/culture such as the "5 s". There is at all times an in-grained attitude and outlook towards improvements in plant operations and efficiencies - in whatever pragmatic, creative and cost-balanced ways.

With well over 18 years of working experience, Mr Aaron Raj is able to blend his technical excellence with a keen appreciation and understanding of our clients' business environment.

Today, Stream Tech's core expertise is in Mechanical & Electrical works, specialising in various repair & maintenance of various types of pump, gear boxes; in compressed air piping, chiller water piping; and in electrical works.

Ref: Berita RTM / Jun 28, 2020

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