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Mechanical Works



Common symptoms upon which clients should call us include:

  • Mechanical seal failure

  • General servicing

  • Shaft damaged

  • Impeller worn off

  • Drop in flow of liquid

  • High vibration

  • Taking high current during operations

  • Frequent overload trip

  • Bearing failure

  • Frequent pin bush failure

  • Alignment failure 

We carry out modifications, convert packing seal to mechanical seal, replace motor and pump bearing, motor winding/coil short circuit, rewinding and restoration. Various repair on part’s such as motor housing worn off repair by carrying out metal spray works and re machine.Shaft worn off or leaking at the oil seal area, repair the shaft by metal spray or re-machining a new one.  Installation and/or replacement with new unit, realignment of motor and the coupling, using various types of coupling such as pin bush, tyre coupling, self alignment coupling, mikey pulley belt driven pulley and others.

General & Specialized Pumps

We have expertise and experience in servicing general pumps as well as specialised pumps such as:

  • Various industrial pump

  • condensate/circulating pumps

  • horizontal split-case pumps 

  • vertical turbine pumps

  • booster pumps

  • auxiliary pumps

  • screw pump's

  • split casing pump's

  • roto pump

  • loop pump

  • centrifigul pump & etc

We also trade in mechanical seals,  click here for inquiries.

Gear Box

  • General repair maintenance & servicing, replace of bearing’s, replace the timing gear, fabricate new timing gear as per sample, oil seal area leaking, high vibration and other failure

  • Repair and restore the worn off part’s of housing and shaft


Use galvanized (g.i.) piping for the compressed air and water, and chiller water pvc, g.i c/w p.u insulation with aluminium cladding, for cold system.

  • Hot water system using fibre insulation with aluminium cladding

  • General piping for PVC, Stainless steel 304 or Stainless steel 316, used for various process flow. 

  • Supply and install new piping for various application

  • Water's system such as cooling tower, chiller, D.I water plant & general use.

  • Steam from boiler to the production line and process equipment

  • Compressed Air piping from air compressor to the receiver tank, dryer's,  various filtration and distribution to plant

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